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Pineal Gland Tumor

Pineal gland tumor treatment with Gamma Knife

The patient, 38 years old, was suffering from increasing headaches, visual disturbances, and unbalanced walking during a full year. Magnetic resonance images of the brain showed the presence of a large tumor in the pineal body (Pineal Body Tumor), which was caused by obstruction of the cerebral spinal fluid ducts (Obstructive Hydrocephalus).

He underwent an endoscopic cerebral surgery to open the bottom of the third ventricle to drain the hydrocephalus (Endoscopic Pineal Tumor Biopsy) and an Endoscopic Ventriculostomy. The result of the brain biopsy was that the tumor is of the type (Pinealoma)

The patient was referred to Amman Center for Gamma Knife and treated with Gamma Knife

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