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Streotactic Brain biopsy

Brain biopsy with 3D corrected surgery This technology provides safe access to any point in the brain and biopsies are taken without causing any damage

By corrected brain surgery, we mean access to any spot, mass, or place in the brain after determining the three coordinates of that target by sending a needle, electrode, or drainage tube, or inserting a telescope or focused rays into the brain without causing harm to the adjacent brain tissue.

This surgery is done with the following steps

  • Installing the 3D Stereotactic Surgical Device on the patient's head using local anesthesia
  • Performing a three-dimensional magnetic resonance imaging of the brain with the device installed on the head, and calculating the three coordinates by computer
  • Transfer the patient to the operating room or the gamma knife radiology center for the necessary procedures for the following cases:
    • Stereotactic Biopsy
      In this case, we insert the biopsy needle through a small hole in the skull using local anesthesia and direct it to the brain tumor according to the three coordinates calculated. We take a biopsy from the tumor and send the sample to the laboratory for histological and laboratory study to know the type and degree of the tumor, without resorting to opening the brain.
    • Stereotactic Brain Abscess Drainage
      In the case of a boil deep in the brain, it is difficult to remove it surgically. We cultivate a cerebral stye drain tube to drain the pus, perform the necessary cultivation of the stye contents in the laboratory, and inject the stye with antibiotics.
    • Stereotactic brain cyst drainage
  • Implantation of a permanent tube inside the craniopharyngioma and its treatment
    (Stereotactic Catheter and Ommaya Reservoir Implantation For Cystic Craniopharyngioma)

Craniopharyngioma is one of the most dangerous tumors that appear in children and some adults. Usually, the removal of the tumor by microsurgery is incomplete due to its sensitive location and adhesion to the brain and sensitive places, which may cause serious complications, hormonal imbalance and re-growth of the tumor. As for the three-dimensional corrected surgery, we insert a permanent drainage tube for the liquid contents of the tumor and connect the tube to a small reservoir implanted under the scalp.

We then withdraw the fluid pool from inside the tumor at successive intervals, which leads to relieving the resulting pressure on the optic nerves and the bottom of the brain. Then we inject the tumor with interferon, a radioactive liquid, or chemotherapy to kill the tumor in its cradle, or complete its treatment with the Gamma Knife device.

Or a radioactive liquid substance or chemotherapy to kill the tumor in its cradle or to complete its treatment with the Gamma Knife device. This method of treating craniopharyngioma has proven to be superior to conventional microsurgery without exposing the patient to open head operations and their complications.

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