Parkinsons disease

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For the surgical treatment of Parkinson`s disease and involuntary movements

Parkinson`s disease is caused by progressive and persistent damage to the black brain node
(Substance Nigra)
Responsible for the secretion of the hormone dopamine. The increasing and continuous damage to this brain node leads to a severe decrease in the hormone it secretes, which leads to the emergence of increased electrical activity in the brain in the basal ganglia: the thalamic node, the pallid ganglia, and the hypothalamic ganglion.
As a result of the excessive electrical activity in these brain foci, the main symptoms of Parkinson`s disease appear: tremors, stiffness of the limbs, and slow movement. These symptoms appear either alone or in combination. As the disease progresses, other symptoms appear, including freezing, imbalance and falls, weak voice, drooling, muscle pain, joint stiffness, curvature of the spine, and psychological symptoms, including depression and hallucinations. The diagnosis of the disease comes from the patient`s pathology and clinical examination by a neurologist, not from laboratory and radiological examinations.

Occupational Surgical Treatment

The primary treatment for Parkinson`s disease is to give dopamine, meaning the hormone deficient in the brain, which gives effective results at the beginning of the disease by controlling (tremors, stiffness of the limbs, and slow movement). Due to the nature of the disease and its continuous progress, it is possible that the patient will reach a state that the drugs prescribed to the patient become ineffective, which makes us turn to functional surgical treatment. Symptoms of complications from the use of dopamine therapy may also appear after several years of use, including involuntary movements in the limbs and head.
(Dyskinesia) and the trunk. These also may need surgical intervention and are called
By corrective functional brain surgery, we mean the change and frustration of the excess electrical energy of the aforementioned active foci by either destroying them or changing their electricalness by implanting electrical stimuli
The best, modern and most popular surgical treatment in the world is implantation of brain electrical stimuli in the hypothalamic node using corrective brain surgery.