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Dr. Mohammad Samaha


  • Consultant of brain, neurosurgery and spine surgery
  • Parkinson's surgery consultant and involuntary movements
  • Consultant of brain tumors and diseases in Gamma Knife
  • treating brain tumors, trigeminal neuralgia & arteriovenous malformation WITHOUT SURGERY by Gamma Knife Radiosurgery.

About the doctor

In 1979, he finished his studies at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Jordan. He then went to Al-Hussein Medical City in Amman, Jordan, to learn about general surgery and neurosurgery.

He completed his residency in Edinburgh and Glasgow, United Kingdom, and obtained his associate’s degree from the British Royal College of Surgeons.

He became an expert in stereotactic cerebral corrective surgery at the University of Pittsburgh.There, he learned how to use a Gamma Knife to treat brain tumors and diseases without surgery. He also learned how to use surgery to treat Parkinson’s disease and uncontrollable movements. He obtained an American fellowship from that university and also trained in the operations of implantation of electrical stimuli into the brain to treat Parkinson’s disease and involuntary movements at the University of Grenoble, France.

Then he moved to Amman to work for his private clinic and private hospitals. As medicine in different fields and specialties has improved, he has continued to develop brain nerves and spine surgery in Jordan. In 1988.

he was the first person to operate on cervical herniated discs and spinal tumors from the front, and he set up the Center for the Treatment of Tumors and Brain Diseases with Radiosurgery Corrected Gamma Naif at Ibn Al Haytham Hospital. In the year 1996, this was the first and only center in the Arab countries and the Middle East. introduced surgical treatment for people with Parkinson’s and involuntary movements, and corrective surgery (stereotactic) for brain biopsies in 1996, which was the only center in the Arab countries and the Middle East.


  • Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery - University of Jordan
  • Jordan Medical Council Certificate in General Surgery and Neurosurgery
  • Fellow of the British Royal College of Surgeons
  • American Fellowship in Stereotactic Brain Surgery for the treatment of Parkinson's disease and involuntary movements
  • American Fellowship for the treatment of brain diseases and tumors without surgery (Gamma Knife) University of Pittsburgh - Pennsylvania


  • Jordan Cup for Medical Excellence for the year 2001


  • Jordanian Society of Brain and Neurosurgeons
  • Jordanian Society of Spine Surgeons
  • Member of the American Association of Neurosurgeons
  • International Association of the Federation of World Neurosurgeons Societies
  • Arab Neurosurgeons Association
  • Stereotactic Cerebral Surgery Society International
  • International Society of Sighting Radiosurgery
  • Association of British Neurosurgeons

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