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Thoracic Herniated Disc treatment

هو الحركة الغير طبيعية بالفقرات مما يؤدي الى ازاحه بالفقرات عن اخواتها

We mean the imbalance of the spine or the imbalance or dislocation, which is the abnormal movement of the vertebrae, which leads to its displacement by the vertebrae from its sisters. It may lead to back pain, especially when moving, and the pain disappears when sleeping. In the event of a worsening of the disease and an increase in the displacement of the vertebra from the vertebra adjacent to it, this leads to the erosion of the cartilage between those vertebrae, the narrowing of the spinal canal and the narrowing of the nerve exits, which leads to neurological symptoms in the lower extremities and the exits of urine and stool, pain and numbness of the legs, and it may also lead to curvature of the spine and weakness in the legs

Causes of dislocation and imbalance of the spine ( Spinal Instability & Spondylolisthesis )

  • Congenital defects in the vertebrae at birth
  • Spinal injury due to accidents
  • Following a previous surgery on the vertebrae
  • Rheumatism and its branches
  • Inflammation of the vertebrae and cartilage

Surgical Treatment of Instability

After diagnosing the disease clinically, we conduct a functional radial examination of the movement of the vertebrae, and in the event that the vertebrae are fixed in their location with no abnormal movements, then the treatment is conservative or surgical, as is the case with a herniated disc.

In cases where the vertebrae are unstable, have abnormal movement, or surgery requires a cut in the posterior joints of the vertebrae, the surgery is to remove pressure from the nerves, expand the spinal canal, and fix the vertebrae with screws and metal rods. The success rate for these operations is between 90-95%, and the patient can walk using the medical belt on the first or second day after the operation, and the patient often leaves the hospital on the third or fourth day unless complications occur, God forbid.

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