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Cavernous Sinus Meningioma

A tumor that grows from the cerebral meningesis at the base of the brain around or within the cavernous sinus that affects the eye muscles.

Meningioma in the cavernous sinus is a benign tumor that grows from the cerebral meninges at the bottom of the brain around or inside the venous cavernous sinus, which affects the contents of the venous sinus, which are the cranial nerves that move the muscles of the eye and eyelid (the third, fourth, and sixth nerve) and the fifth nerve, which carries the sensation of the face and mouth to the brain, which It leads to symptoms of injury to those nerves, which are double vision, eyelid drooping, eye movement paralysis, fifth nerve pain or facial numbness.

This tumor is treated either by observation if there are no neurological symptoms, or by microsurgical excision, and usually poses great risks to the cranial nerves, or treated with gamma knife without surgery.

During the past year, we followed up three cases of female patients, their ages were 42, 44, and 45, who were complaining of double vision and droopy eyelids, and one of them was suffering from fifth nerve pain in addition to the injury of the third cranial nerve, and we treated them with gamma knife corrected radiosurgery.

The results of the treatment were impressive shortly after the treatment, which is the disappearance of double vision, the return of eye movements, the normal work of the eyelid, and the disappearance of the fifth nerve pain after six months, ten months, and eleven months, respectively, in the three patients on treatment.

The colored magnetic resonance images did not show an apparent shrinkage in the size of the tumor, but the scientific explanation for the return of the work of the nerves compressed by the tumor after that period has passed is that the focused radiation effect on the tumor leads to early damage to the tumor cells, and thus the tumor becomes less solid with partial melting inside the tumor (Liquefaction of the tumor Thus, its pressure and effect on the cranial nerves decreases, which gives rest to the cranial nerves for healing.

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